Scott Cagle 



Founder Scott Cagle the "Cozmic Troubadour" himself who's been ROCK'N the mid-west for ages. 

In resent years he's played Nashville and Branson with the Jimmy Buffett tribute band "Rock This Boat". After partying with the "Parrot Heads" Scott and "the Cosmic Troubadours" became regulars at the Grateful Inn ,a popular "Dead Head" bar where he's musical horizons took shape. 

Now, with Bold Adventure he's taking it further, focused on dance jams, reggae rhythms, sweet harmonies, and those jaw dropping moment with the most formiler music you've yet to hear.



  Howard Levinson



 We have a real life bold adventurer in this band, Howard Levinson is not only a multi-publisted author and prolific song writer, but a former fire fighter and a retried police officer who can usually be found riding his Harley and always seem to turn up in the most surprising places. Still a "first responder" Howard's been helping out those victims of the hurricanes in Houston and Port Ricco. When he's not saving the world he's guiding our jams with the greatest of ease.



Markus Pfeir


Backing Vocals

A multi-instrumentalist, Markus who interest in diverse music genres brought him Bold Adventure.

Bringing a folk and bluegrass feel and a steady bottom that keeps 'em grooving.

Bret Scott



 A man with a mission, Bret Scott sets the tempo with power and ease.

 A fellow "Dead Head" he takes his cues from Mickey and Bill

who said "It's not the entertainment business we're in, it's more like the transportation business".





Upcoming Shows

Bold Adventure 2019 Show Schedule:

Schnucks "Fresco"

 in Des Pere next to West County Mall

Saturday Feb. 2 (Groundhog Day)


 Wayout Club

Friday March 1



Sky Bar Music Lounge

Saturday March 16th 


Candicis Itlian Resterant

Saturday March 22


Schnucks Fresco

in Des Pere

Friday Aug. 16th


Schnucks Fresco

in Des Pere

Friday Nov. 15th


Schnucks Fresco

In Des Pere

Friday Dec. 13th


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